12x18 Vivarium Build Journal
This build was a very simple one that can be used for all types of geckos, tree frogs, and other small tropical animals. It starts with using one of the flex-foam backgrounds found on this page here.
Starting with an used 12x18 zoomed terrarium, I cleaned it out and placed in a 12x18 flex-foam flat rock background. This one was the 'Steambed' style. Then I added in a drainage and weight reduction layer of LECA clay pellets.
On top of the clay pellets, I placed a layer of wet long-fiber sphagnum moss. You could instead use mesh, but I prefer to use the sphagnum moss as it makes planting deep plants easier. Ontop of the sphagnum moss I put my tropical soil mix.
From there I placed in a replica rock that I thought would match the background and began planting the plants and moss. One of the nice things about the Flex-Foam backgrounds is that you can use staples or metal wire and stick vines and plants to the background and they will grow there.