Cast with it!
Build with it!
Sculpt with it!
Vivarium Works's new Exhibit Cast is an aquarium and vivarium safe epoxy system designed to fit many aquarium/terrarium construction needs. This 100% waterproof material can be mixed and casted by hand into a mold to make very strong and light weight replicas, used as a building material for designs over foam, sculpted, and used to repair various aquarium/vivarium parts..

​​Its simple 1:1 volume mixing ratio and putty-like viscosity make it easy and quick to mix up batches by hand and is very easy on the hands compared to other heavy putties sold in the art industry, many of which are not fish/reptile safe.
2 Quarts Exhibit Cast

​​Quart containers of Exhibit Cast equaling 2 quarts total material. Enough putty to make an 18"x18" Exhibit Mold background or smaller. Volume ideal for gluing real rocks and branches together.

2 Half Gallons Exhibit Cast

​​1/2 gallon containers of Exhibit Cast totaling 1 gallon of material. Enough putty to make multiple backgrounds or a single large 18"x36" background. This size recommended for most user applications. Background molding, foam layup, and sculpting purposes.

2 Gallons Exhibit Cast

​​1 gallon containers of Exhibit Cast equaling 2 gallons total of material. Best value and great for large projects. Enough putty to make a large Exhibit Mold background and for sculpting large background sections and water/land barriers.
​​One of the most unique and important features of this product is that it doesn't contain nonylphenol, a toxic and commonly used epoxy filler/catalyst found in many other epoxy products. Exhibit Cast was designed to not only fill the vivarium construction needs for home hobbyist, but to also be environmentally and fish/reptile safe, which many others are not.

Exhibit Cast was designed to be used in conjunction with Exhibit Mold, but it can be used on it's own as a replacement for other commonly used vivarium/aquarium construction materials. It can glue rocks together, be sculpted​​ into soil/water separators, placed over foam and coated with materials, glue plants and rocks into place, and repair/glue various parts. It bonds to foams, plastics, metal, and glass. 
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Limestone White
By adding in powdered pigments, paints, and sands you can change the color from the starting white color to anything you need.