Mix it!
Mold it!
Make it!
Vivarium Works's new Exhibit Mold is an aquarium safe molding putty designed specifically for the home production of zoo quality aquarium/terrarium backgrounds, rocks, waterfalls, water bowls, whatever you can imagine! This unique product has been in testing for over 3 years and has been designed for use by the average aquarist and reptile hobbyist. It allows you to replicate the exact shape, textures, and detail of whatever you make your mold of, but at fractions of the original's weight.

See a unique rock wall or tree bark and think it would make a great background or addition to your tank?  Make it!
​Want to design your own waterfall to fit your specific animal needs and tank's size? Make it!
Want a realistic looking rock water bowl for your large reptile? Make it!

​This product can allow you to make all of those! Designed after the materials commonly used in special effects industries, Exhibit Mold is an aquarium safe molding material that has been formulated to make it as easy to use as possible while still achieving the best possible detail.

2 lbs Exhibit: Mold

2 lbs total  of Exhibit Mold, equaling roughly 2 pints of material. Enough material to make a few small rock molds, a small waterfall or streambed, a rock waterbowl, or small (12x12) background.

4 lbs Exhibit: Mold

4lbs of Exhibit Mold equaling roughly 2 quarts of material. Enough material to make a medium/large rock molds, backgrounds up to about 18x18, large waterfalls/stream designs, and multiple rock waterbowls. This size recommended for most user applications.


16 lbs Exhibit: Mold

16lbs of Exhibit Mold equaling roughly 2 gallons of material. Enough material to make multiple large rock molds, multiple small/medium backgrounds or a single large background up to about 48x21, and very large waterfalls/stream designs. Best value per pound and great for large projects!

Exhibit Mold was designed to be used in conjunction with Exhibit Cast, but other casting agents can be used.

One of the many features unique to this material is it can be mixed quickly in large volumes. Other silicone molding putties are too thick to be easily mixed by hand in large batches which makes taking background sized molds challenging. Exhibit Mold allows you to quickly and easily hand mix large volumes with ease allowing you greater size flexibility on how big a mold you can make. It also means you don't have use as much force to capture the surface detail and is overall less taxing on the hands.

Another unique feature of Exhibit Mold is its cure time and "pot life". With a final cure time at only an hour at 80°F, its ideal for use in the field. The extended 'pot life' (the time until each hand mixed batch is too firm to press onto the model's surface) was designed to allow for large molds to be made. No other molding putty has Exhibit Mold's extended pot life, with a final cure time of only an hour, and smooth dough-like viscosity for ease of mixing.  Ideal properties for molding while in the field!
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