International Orders

International shipping is not a problem. All orders are mailed through USPS and prices are weight based. To the UK and the rest of Europe USPS has a standard charge of $50, and then increases based on weight. For example a large 2'x2'x3' 35lb box with $500+ worth of replica rocks is around $120 but a 15lb box is around $90. To Canada the price is less, but it should be expected to start around $40 and increase based on weight.

​​The easiest way to pay for the international shipping is to purchase through the paypal links like a domestic order. The normal shipping charges, which are weight based, will be automatically included in your total. Then after I have boxed up, weighed your order and gotten a final shipping price, I will ask through paypal for the additional funds needed to ship it to you. 

On average it has taken 2 weeks to get to the UK via USPS. You will have a tracking number and be able to follow it the whole way there.

All orders are shipped as goods not as "gifts". Some countries do impose an import tax​​​​ and that is out of my control and you are responsible for that on your end. 

If you know of a better international shipping company or means by which to get you your order, let me know. This is so far the least expensive way to internationally ship the volume intensive but lightweight replicas.​​ Ideally if you can get a large order with multiple people, this will be cheaper as large heavy boxes are cheaper than multiple smaller boxes due to that $50 minimum.

If you want to contact me about an order before you place it, feel free to at the link below. Please refer to to above for the cost estimation. It's likely going to be somewhere between $50 and $120, usually somewhere close to the middle.​​