​​​These backgrounds are all hand produced using molds I've made from real formations from various locations around the world. I strive to offer some of the most realistic styles, textures, and designs while also keeping them lightweight, affordable, and rugged. There are three different casting materials and multiple colors most backgrounds are available in to allow you to order exactly what color and material properties you need. All of the materials are reptile safe and have been used in the aquarium/vivarium industry for years with various performance improvements made by me. I stand by my work and have thoroughly tested everything for years. Some materials are better suited for certain applications than others, and the details are discussed in depth in the 
Material Options and Colors Options page. I suggest viewing the Gallery to get an idea of what is available and possible. 
Most versatile backgrounds that can be used for any design as they take up little volume.
 All molded in the field from tropical tree roots, these are the most popular for dart frogs.
Flexible bark for making trees, casts of large shelf fungi, fossils, and other unique stuff.
Tree Bark, Mushrooms, and misc.
Designed to stick out and be noticed, these backgrounds give plenty of basking perches and climbing space for your animals.
​​ Backgrounds
 Coming Soon.