​Replica Rocks
These replicas are all hand produced from molds I've made from real rocks from various locations around the world. I strive to make the most lightweight, affordable, and detailed rocks available to our hobby and have designed 3 different types of material to fit the varying needs of the hobby. This is to allow you to order exactly what color and material properties you need to achieve your design's goal. All of the materials are reptile safe and have been used in the aquarium/vivarium industry for years with various changes made by me to improve performance. I stand by my work and have thoroughly tested everything. Some materials are better suited for certain applications than others, and the details are discussed in depth here:  Material Options and Color Options.  I suggest first viewing the Gallery to get an idea of what has been done with them. 
Cobblestones and smooth river rocks of various sizes for designing the stream or river bed look.
Most popular by far these sets range in shape, size, crevices, and undercuts. You'll find something to fit almost any design here. 
Molded at various exotic locations these are some of the most unique replicas I have.
These  were designed to be hide rocks and focal points for medium/large designs.
Only like one from a particular set? Want multiples of a certain type? Here you can find each rock from most sets individually. Pick and chose the exact ones you want.